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aka: Lewis Machine & Tool, LMT .308, CQB MRP,
Defender Model 16, Defender Model Piston 16, CQB Rifle,

LMT is a Military spec AR15 platform rifle & parts manufacturer
and one of the few companies that manufactures to a "Military Grade."

Lewis Machine and Tool Company (LMT) company website


LMT’s MRP 6.8 Battle Rifle - Overview

LMT .308 MWS - Overview

LMT CQB MRP Defender 5.56mm - Overview

LMT L129A1 / LMT .308 - Pictures from of LMT 308 recently
chosen for British DM use (on display at Shot Show 2010 booth)

5.56mm & 6.8 SPC Overview - by Defense Review

LMT vs HK416 2,000 round test - Defense Review


LMT Standard 16 - Video Review (no shooting)

LMT Shot Show 2010 booth walk through - including new 308 model demo

Monolithic Rail Demo - Shot Show 2010 booth demo on ease of changing barrels

Suppressed MRP in full auto - triple magazine dump in full auto (Cool Video!)

LMT Piston Review - Table top review (no shooting)

10.5 inch barrel SBR - Rapid fire at range (very short video)

308 Demo at Shot Show 2009 - Factory rep demo at booth

10.5 inch SBR with Suppressor - short shooting clip

HK416 vs LMT MRP piston comparison - Side by side comparison, still images only, NOT real video

Forum Discussion
(more coming soon)

LMT vs Colt 6920 - Discussion on M4Carbine.net

LMT vs Colt (and BCM) - Discussion on Glocktalk

British choose LMT for DM (instead of HK417) - Lengthy discussion on Militaryphotos.net (but light on actual LMT details)

Relevant Reference

AR rifle parts manufacturer quality ratings - VERY detailed analysis of all major AR platform manufacturers materials used

M4 Rifle - Wikipedia page for the current US Military platform

Close Quarters Battle Receiver (CQBR) - Description of 10.3 inch barreled upper being used by US Military (including LMT)

LMT Authorized Dealer List - All FFL's already on file with LMT

List of Government Contracts Awarded To LMT - including individual contracts & dollar amounts